Sunday, September 26, 2010

Billionaire Status

So I was thinking what are the first items I will be purchasing after I finally reach that billionaire status. Unlike most people I mapped everything out and came up with a list that would suit my lifestyle and accommodate my needs. So with no further ado here is the necessities of a billionaire.

The reason for the Hangar is simple...Think about you have ample room and space to come up with innovative and creative ideas with all the money you have. The Hangar would not just serve as my hide out for my private plane it would be used more so for my research and design headquarters. A place where you can put together all of your blueprints for success and come up with new ideas that will keep you light-years ahead of your competition. Besides I always told "never bring your work home".

The penthouse is more important than you would even think. The penthouse would serve as a mutual location for you and your friends. Great location, not too traditional, easy access. You and your friends are having a great night on the town...a few drinks are in the system.."hey wanna walk back to the penthouse". Besides no one wants people partying in their house with all the delicate items and nice carpet. The penthouse makes it so that everything is in your vicinity. Also you cant bring every girl you meet to your real home...hasn't mother taught you anything?

One thing about me is I dont want anyone to ever think they are on my any form. Billionaires are always the life of the party. With that being said, valet park this baby and see if you don't take the heart of the party's chest. Besides how are you going to get from the Hangar to the Penthouse before they open that 3rd bottle of Rose(Rozay lol)