Friday, December 24, 2010

Awkward Moments

This was kind of interesting. Chris Johnson goes out for lunch with Faith Hill on NFL Network. Take a look tell me what u think. I know they were eating but Chris could have still opened his mouth while he was talking. #imjustsaying.

Cool Greylesss

So kinda screwed me. Yes i was part of the mayhem that occured a day ago...except I was at home on the CPU. So at 12:01am I place the cool greys in my cart (digital cart). Next the screen says "processing"....then I'm told I have 45mins until I can checkout. 45 mins pass...I plug in all my bill to info than "Processing" appears I have to wait 18 more mins...So I plug my billing info in again then so BS scrolls across my screen reading : WE ARE UNABLE TO PROCESS YOUR REQUEST DUE TO SOME MORE BS ABOUT INVENTORY BLAH BLAH U CANT GET THE SHOES CAUSE THEY SOLD OUT NOW BASICALLY. Its all good...Merry Christmas everyone