Thursday, June 25, 2009


1.Blake Griffin(PF. OKLAHOMA)

2.H. Thabeet (C. CONN )

3.R. Rubio (PG. ESP )

4.T. Evans (PG. MEMPHIS )






Thursday, June 18, 2009

kobe 4 rings puppet T-shirt

KR3W watch ($80)

I like the G-schock but this is a nice watch Im sure everyone isn't wearing.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

GAME 3 pictures are worth a thousand words. (via LA times/Orlando Sentinel)

The LAKE-SHOW has pulled it out once again. Its funny how many magic fans are coming out of the wood-works. Well the big question is am I going to Orlando for the close out-game...who knows. Enjoy the pics!

New Music Trey Songz ft. Drake

invented sex - trey songz ft drake

Editors choice

Yep very exclusive Lobster Dunk Low by duh. These bad boys are $250.00, thats like half of your refund check gone right there.

Cutie of the Week #1 Vanessa Hudgens

The newest entry on my blog is the cutie of the week. This Week we have voted Vanessa Hudgens as the cutie of the week. Hudgens is the 21 year old entertainer seen on numerous Disney productions, mainly High School Musical. Well forget the talking and let your eyes do the work!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jeezy gives out a pair of Yeezys Young Jeezy Gives away Air Yeezy's from Patrick Fagan(ATL_Dunk-Junkie) on Vimeo.

Fan lucks up on some air Yeezy's

Respect the Real pt.3

With the new hip-hop taking over and all this dancing music polluting the air waves, I feel that respect should always remain. You have these 90's babies thinking LiL Wayne is the best rapper of all-time and Soulja Boy is the MJ of rap. Jay-Z isn't in his prime anymore of course. You have to look at what he did in his prime and the quality of music he put out in his prime. He put out arguably the best CD of all-time. Even in today's rap-game Jigga is still in top 5 imagine if he wanted to get back in hungry mode. Youth respect the real and recognize the rap game isn't sh** now! Not to discredit Weezy he is the best rapper as of now. He would a be Kobe and Jay-Z of course is Jordan.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bday wishes (G-shock 9000 red $130.00)

This would be something ideal for my B-day coming I love these watches and they are durable.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gadget of the day

Finally Kobe graces the cover of NBA 2k10.

Louis Vuitton

TK's new Supras

Terry Kennedy is not a rookie when it comes to reinventing himself. He's ditched the Ice cream and is now lacing up with the fashion Guru's of skateboard.....Supra's baby. Here is a new sneak peak of his new signature shoe.

Put You On Game.

This youngster calls himself J. Cole. The word is that he is officially signed to Jay-Z's Roc-Nation. Mr. J.Cole is from South Carolina but attend school in NYC. While in NYC his music landed in Jigga's hands due to a a mutal friend. Yep another case of "knowing someone" well I'll give you a sample of some of his music and you be the judge. THE ROC IS IN THE BUILDING.

J. Cole - The Warm Up Sampler & More

Exclusive Drake interview

Drake Best I Ever Had, Every Girl LIVE & Exclusive Interview

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Champ Is Here

The future is here.

New Joint people

Lets GO

The new PSP Go brought to you by Sony.

Video of the Day

Minus Trashcan

Get this....there is a trash can that eliminates odors umm..

New Hotness

The Supra Vaider Charcoal Limited edition


This for all my SB heads....I have my eyes on the Blue Pink and White Blazers.

Game 1. what else should I say

Wake up Superman you have been bitten by the Black Mamba. Kobe Bryant showcased a stellar performance as he lead his team to a 100-75 Blowout Sale Victory. can you say 40.

Say what? You wanna be a what?

According to twitter wanna be rapper Bow Wow said that he wants to go back to college to be a NUPE. He also confirmed it later that night via ustream live. Wow I have something that Bow Wow wants. I guess I get the last laugh now. Being a member of the honorable Kappa Alpha Psi takes more then a couple of cheesy singles and mediocre movies...think you have what it takes?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Put you on game

Let me put you on game. Paul Rodriguez is the first skater to be endorsed by Nike's SB line. He has medals from X-games and even appearances on video games such as SKATE and Tony Hawk's underground and Prpject 8. P-Rod is also sponsored by Mountain Dew, and Plan B and has appeared on Rob Dyderk's Fantasy Factory. He's hip, young and doing his thing so people look out for him.

He's back...but does he still have it???

Happy is what describes my feelings about my second favorite athlete of all-time returning home. It was ridiculous what he endured for dog-fighting...on another note. Who wants him and how good is he? I wonder if he still posses that 4.2 speed and the rocket laser arm. Mark this date, these are the teams I think Mr. Vick will have a possibility of playing with.
-San Francisco 49ers (great talent as far as receivers not to mention a premiere running back and a not to shabby defense)
-Seattle Seahawks(With Jim Mora jr. there Vick would be very familiar with the offense and the duo has an average win/loss ratio when it comes to the playoffs..the way I look at it they both could use each other for a new start)
-Denver Broncos (They need a QB and after the departure of Jay Cutler fans need someone to revive the franchise)

The King has been dethroned

I hate to say it......but I told you so....